What to Wear to Your Beach Engagement Session

I love color. It's a huge part of photography, and it plays a huge role in the outcome of your engagement photos. The two of you, what you choose to wear, and the location set the mood, tone and overall feel for the photographs. I am here to show you how different colors look, specifically at a beach photo location, and of course- what not to wear. 

Keep in mind: Comfort is key, and happy people truly photograph the best. Wear what feels best to you, and stay true to who you are. The beach is also gets chilly and a bit breezy, compared to the rest of San Diego. Especially during winter months, bring a sweater or a blanket for cuddling and keeping warm.

A Pop of Color

The beach is a neutral background, so a pop of color looks great at the beach. Tones that stand out against the sand are best. I love jewel tones and happy pastels that have been popular over the past year. 

Nearly Neutral

Pastels paired with neutral browns, grays, or even blue jeans creates a subtle, more romantic effect. If you are going for an ethereal look or a traveling bohemian vibe, this might be the right type of color palette to use when looking for the perfect duds. 

Black or White

Choose either black and white for a more dramatic effect. Many brides-to-be choose to wear white for the engagement session, as it alludes to the big day ahead. 

Pretty Patterns

The right pattern can look really great in beach photos. It can give some added personality to your photographs. If 'whimsical' is the underlying idea you are going for, consider wearing a pattern! It's usually best steer clear of distracting patterns that take away from what's important- the two of you and that amazing, one-of-a-kind connection. 

Colors to Avoid

With some exception, there is definitely a color to avoid when choosing what to wear to your engagement session- green. Whatever color you choose to wear will reflect a bit of a color cast back onto your skin. Most of the time, it's no big deal, but green is kind of the worst for it. Green and yellow can cause some unwanted color casts on the skin in photographs, when they reflect a yellow/green cast back onto your face. Seriously though, if you have a brilliant emerald green dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, just wear it. Feel amazing = look amazing. 

Looking for a photographer for your San Diego engagement photos? Send me a quick message! I would love to hear all of your engagement session ideas!